Starting a band

I’m looking to start a band while I’m here in Taipei. I live in Banciao, play the guitar and know a drummer. I’m looking for a second guitarist, a bassist and a vocalist. Let me know. :discodance:

Doing what? Covers? Originals? What style? You want to get a show on the road or jam? More information is needed.

I’m looking for a band but I only know one chord. Em. I like that chord. I have 27 songs written in Em. I like to play noisy stuff.

Short for Emily or Emma?

'Tis a fine chord! You might like Am, too. But on second thoughts, I wouldn’t start messing with your artistic vision.

I used to play harp, vocals and occasional bad guitar in a blues band. What kind of music are you guys wanting to do and will there be hot chicks? I’m in Banchiao as well. I’m so out of practice that I really suck, though.


Hello, my name is Ivan

Well, here I am… also looking someone to play with… I play percutions, guitar an a bit of bass… also can sing…

Near Kaohsiung???

Still don’t know the style? What about Blues?

I mean it’s Taiwan, isn’t it…?

I tried doing that too, but I found that bassist and drummer is the most difficult to find. Guitarist isn’t too hard, keyboardist are so concerned with making money (for the most part) that it may be difficult to find someone who is willing to do it for “fun”. Or you could always get a piano player to play keyboards…

You can convert a guitar player into bass players if he is good with rhythm.

Do bands still need work permits to play in public? :eh:

hey, I’d like to play some music too.

I play the saxophone and a bit of bass guitar. I brought none of them to taiwan though… but if needed, I might consider buying a new bass guitar + amp. what kind of music you play ?