Starting an online discussion forum

I am wanting to start an online discussion forum/bulletin board.

I want to use free PHPBB software (the same as forumosa). My forum will be on a very different subject from Forumosa - it is not a working/living/teaching in Asia site.

I have found the flash tutorials on the PHPBB webite quite helpful and I have also visited sites such as for forum administrators. But as I am not very computer literate I am hoping to find someone locally who could help me set up the site and teach me how to do the site maintenance.

If you know of anyone that I could hire short term to help me with this please email me (


This really isn’t difficult. Takes maybe an hour or two, depending on what else you’re doing (setting up your own domain, dealing with your ISP’s database setup web interface, etc.). I recommend just trying it, and if you have any questions, you can ask here. I’ve emailed you with other comments.

Also interested in those comments MaPo, if it’s not to much trouble. :slight_smile: