Startup capital for a pub in Taiwan?

Hey people. OK I did search this forum but all I could find was an old thread from 2004 about someone wanting to buy an existing pub in Kaohsiung, and another one about benchmarking pubs, neither of which really answered my question.

For a few years I’ve wanted to open a bar. Kind of a small, hole-in-the-wall spot with a small stage for live music. Now, I know it’s quite a risky business, is nowhere near as easy as n00bs think it is, big potential for failure etc etc, no need to warn me about that, it’s still just a thought at this stage.

I know it’s a very broad question and I’m not providing too many specifics on the type of place I’d like to open (a basic rock n roll pub), so I do’n’t expect too exact an answer, but here it is: what kinda capital do you think would be necessary to open a spot like that in Kaohsiung, or perhaps Taichung (not Taipei)?

I would lookup pubs in those cities and ask the owners that question. Maybe meet with them, buy em a beer, etc.
If you ever get it off the ground, I do photography, graphic design and web work, for when you need to think about marketing and promoting your bar.