Statistic or court docs

I am currently going through the court process to stop my ex wife leaving the country with my daughter.
It was suggested to me to present to the court proof that in the event that she didn’t return, a bond would not necessarily guarantee her return as the Taiwan courts do not favor foreign father taking young child out of the country without the mothers permission.
My ex and her wife a claiming our house as bond will be enough as the money could fund me fighting for my daughter in the Taiwan courts.

We are in Australia.

My query is. Does anyone no how I can get court documents from past taiwan cases or statistics to prove my case.

The case referred to on this site is particularly famous in Taiwan:

The father had already been awarded full custody in the States, but Taiwanese courts have a habit of disregarding the decisions of overseas courts in favor of their own interpretations.

You would be well-advised to take all your daughter’s travel documents and not let her out of your sight.

I have only part time custody of our daughter as the courts here feel a child under 4 should not be shipped between two houses and the mother is the first option.
I have the passports though as she threatened last year to take her on not return.