Staying more then 3 months

I will be in Taiwan for up to or more then 3 months starting in june for the summer for vacation. Do I have to register with the government because of the long peroid of stay. I will be living with one of my friends from college who is a local and has his own apartment. But because I am not at a hotel do I have to register and if I do where do i have to go

Why don’t you call the local Taiwan rep office in your country and ask them?

Go here: and click on the nearest TECRO office to you and then contact them with your questions. This is the TECRO offices in the US… if you are not in the US, just use the site to find the office nearet you.

I think you only can get maximum two month visitor visa with the possibility for extension. You need the return flight ticket and probably invitation from your local friend to prove the place you will be staying in Taiwan. You probably need the financial proof as well. It will be better to call up Taiwanese Institute in your country to explain your situation and they will tell you what sort of documents you need to have for the application.

If you do get two month visitor extentable visa, then remember to go to the Police station to extend your visa two weeks before your visa expires.