Steak in Taiwan. The good, the bad, the ugly.

They were right re the steaks. 99% of the “steaks” here are just crap glued with that protein.

Ah, meat glue. I should have figured that this will be used in Taiwan.

You can notice it at first chew xD

Every steak I’ve eaten here have been pretty good cause I choose where to eat steak. Stop eating steak at any random joint.

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the steak isn’t really steak though is it. its taiwans version of steak. theres not much point complaining about it if its not your thing. the locals dig it. chinese take away from back home in the uk is shockingly not authentic chinese food either, but the locals love it.

Bullshit. A steak is a cut of beef. Meat. It’s not “their version”, we are not talking about elaborated food or dish, we are talking about something SIMPLE. Even many Taiwanese are aware of this SCAM. It’s like the milk scandal or the fake rice grains in China.


well yea it is their version. it has noodles that taste like heinz spaghetti. never had steak like that back home. but yet, the locals like it… just like they like their version of pasta you see in brunch places everywhere.

Well, that’s not what I mean. Yes, they way served is weird, but that’s not my point.

My point is that it’s not a real cut of beef, but lots of bits of meat of the lowest quality probably, put together with a protein glue (transglutaminase, in the shape of a steak.

That’s shit.

Yea that stuff is in the nightmarkets…please stop eating that junk at nightmarkets or crappy places. Go to 1000+ NT places and then if they serve you shit steak THEN you have a legit complaint.


25 euros for a steak… which might not even been great. 25 euros for getting a steak that is not a meat puzzle. A little bit expensive, may be?

So now you’re complaining about price…

You know you can always go to Costco and get their beef which is top notch…

Stop pretending as if everyone can afford to go to fancy restaurants. It makes you seem really out of touch.


@gain Costco

99% of the steaks sold are shit. Fact. Are there expensive restaurants that have real meat? probably, but look at the prices and the percentage. Not sure what you are saying.

costco? with meat from USA, which is full of chemicals too? Great.

What? Costco steak is bad now?

Can someone provide a quick list of cheapER restaurants with ‘real’ steak? Is this getting too off topic? Lol.

There are places with great steaks. But it’s going to cost you. 3-15k a steak.

Not only is quality important, how they prepare the steak can make a world of difference, how they cook it also matters.

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Great steak starts at 3k? :open_mouth:

If you want to make your own, Costco/Jason’s/City Super all have pretty good options for you. I actually considered buying a cut at Addiction Aquatic Development since it’s also USDA approved. However, felt weird buying beef at a seafood market.

Main issue with Costco is you pretty much buy a months worth of beef, but you can freeze it and save it for later. Just have to make sure you got room in the fridge. If you dont’w ant to commit or don’t have enough friends to split a Costco batch of steak, Jason’s/City Super is your best bet. However, you’re paying a premium.

As for steakhouses? A-cut at the Ambassador is the best steak (and service) I’ve had in the city. I also like Jimmy’s Kitchen, a little old school western style atmosphere, but the service and steak is top notch. I won’t pass off Ruth Chris. Ruth was my first love and will always be my first love. In terms of quality and service compared to the locations in the states, it’s pretty much the same.

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