Steiner-type pre schools in Xindian or Yilan?

Hi we are moving to Taiwan soon and need to narrow down a place to live. Finding a place for our 4 year old to have acesss to a steiner-type school would be one way to narrow it down. Does anyone have any names of pre schools we could check out in either location.
Any pointers would be most appreciated.

Taiwan’s main Warldorf school, which incorporates a preschool, an elementary and a high school section, is located in Yilan. However, places are very limited and preference is given to those with household registration in Yilan.

Other than that, there are a few Warldorf philosophy based schools in Taipei. Unlike the Yilan school, they aren’t licensed by the Warldorf organisation. Our son didn’t have a very good experience at one of these schools, but that’s mainly because the Warldorf system doesn’t suit his personality.

Now, our son goes to a preschool near Xindian (very close to Wanlong MRT Station) that I can highly recommend. The main teacher speaks English very well, and has 20 years preschool teaching experience. Unlike most preschools here in Taiwan, there’s no academic requirements of the children, they spend much of their time singing, playing imaginative games, making arts/craft, go to the park everyday, and even include kids’ yoga into the curriculum. It could be classed as a nature school. Oh, and it only serves vegetarian meals.

PM me for more details if you are interested.

i know this post is old but will you tel me the name of the preschool your son went to?