Step by step: naturalisation for spouses of Taiwanese (2018)

Many posts on this forum relate to the process of naturalisation for spouses of Taiwan nationals. I’ve seen a lot of misinformation in many of the replies, and as someone with a lot of experience with the process, I wanted to create this post to set the records straight and help people who want to naturalise.

Below is a flow chart for the naturalisation process, which covers many different potential scenarios.

Click on the image to enlarge it, the text is very small.

Please note that the image is correct as of 26/08/18, check the source for the latest information.



You may find the latest version here.

“2. 英文版” is English version.

The flow chart I posted is currently the latest version.

I meant there you will find the latest version as you added in the original post.

I know, I was just stating that the original post’s image is not outdated so people don’t misunderstand.

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Thank you for compiling this information. :slight_smile:

(Of course, to be clear, we do not guarantee the correctness of any information posted here.)

So, tell us all the steps you went through, the difficulties, clever tips, etc. I’d like to compare and contrast with how I did it.

Main difficulty was that nobody could tell me whether the 3 years of legal residence, counts from the moment you are issued your residency visa, the day you enter Taiwan on the residency visa, or the day you are issued your ARC. Before they could give me an answer, 3 years of legal residence (counting from ARC issue date) had been maintained and I applied. It’s not a big issue though, as there is usually only a two or three week gap between getting your residency visa and getting your ARC card.

The restrictions on travel during the year on the TARC (if you don’t want delays) are also frustrating.

In my opinion, only benefit to naturalisation from a marriage ARC is the option to get a taibaozheng, which allows the holder to live, and work in Mainland China. It’s like having two citizenships in one.