Stereo monitors

I am looking for a few pair of stereo reference monitors for a project I am working on. They needn’t be the best quality - perhaps something like these from Edirolor these from M Audio should be fine. My budget is low at about 5000 a pair. Any ideas where I might go to buy these or suitable alternatives?

Looks like Edirol is connected to Roland, surely you can contact them to find a dealer/distributor here in Taiwan.

yes, your best bet is to check the web site for the brand you want, there is usually a list of distributors, or otherwise contact them

Yes I realise for example that there are a number of places selling M-Audio equipment in Taipei - I haven’t checked about Edirol yet. I guess I was hoping that someone might recommend an alternative to these 2 brands, as I know very little about what is available, and perhaps their favourite place to purchase these kind of products.

Not sure if they qualify but perhaps you can consider “our” very own and highly reputed Usher brand?

Check out the X series (X-719, 718 and 708) …