Stereo repair in Taipei?

I won an Aiwa min stereo in my company’s “weiya” about three years ago. It is one of those “all-in-one” units with a three-CD player, double tape deck, radio, karaoke :s, and so on. It looks something like this, though it is an older model.

These last few months, the CD player had stopped reading and playing CDs. I’ve tried using a CD cleaner, but this hasn’t helped. The display panel has recently started to flicker as well.

Is there any place I can take this to for repair? Since I won it, I don’t know where it was purchased so I can’t take it back to where it originally was bought. And how much would a repair cost?

Or is it even worth it to repair this? It’s an older model, and perhaps it is just better to buy a new mini stereo.

Or could I just use a DVD player to listen to CDs and discs full of MP3s? Say, hook the DVD player to my TV and run the speakers from the old Aiwa mini stereo to the TV?

Thanks for any and all help.

not worth it to repair. your dvd probably has an extra set of output jacks in which case you could hook it up directly to the stereo provided there are “audio in” jacks.

Probably not worth it. On cheaper stereos the CD tray always seems to be the first part to go, and it’s probably better to buy a new one.

But if you wanted to try, just take it into a branch of Daichi or a similar store. I took mine there for an electrical fault. I asked them to call me with the cost of repair befopre doing it, which they did.


Thanks, Tempo Gain and Brian.

Yeah, I thought that this might be the case. On the downside, it’s probably not worth the time and effort to repair it.

On the upside, it looks as if I can do some stereo shopping and get a replacement. Or I might try that DVD to the stereo method.

In any case, thanks for the input.

I did a search on this but it was quite some time ago that it was posted. Anyways I bought a JVC stereo five years ago. The place I bought is no longer in business. The only problem that needs to repaired is that the CD drawer does not open. So I want to bring it somewhere to see about cost of repair. Anyone know a place in Taipei to repair stereos. I live in Zhong Shan district so anywhere in Taipei City would be fine. I bought it originally over in Wan Hwa district near tax office.

How expensive of a stereo is it? I took a US$300 video camera to a few stores for repair and they said it would cost just as much to repair as it would to buy a new and better one.

It cost 5500 NT$. But from what I have heard by searching on different website that the fixing CD drawer is not a complicated repair. So I just want to find out first about repair before paying another 5500 NT$ or possibly more for a new one

If the stereo has an aux input (place to plug in for sound) you could use rip all of your CDs to your computer and plug your computer into the stereo. Computers make great jukeboxes and audio files don’t get scratched like CDs do.

Thanks for your suggestion. I am right now listening to the CDs on our computer. But we are not very technologically adept at doing things like you said. Also it is a matter of getting more wires in the room and we have enough wires for Internet, phones, extensions cords,etc. If you know what I mean! I would just as soon get the thing repaired or buy a new one

Well I took it to the store next to where I bought it originally. They will have someone look at it but they estimated about 800-1000 NT$.