Thought I organize the Travel in Taiwan forum a bit to make it easier to find info about traveling in Taiwan.

In this thread you’ll find links to threads in this forum about motorcycling, bicycling, and driving in Taiwan. Please check out these threads and/or use the search function, before you decide to make a new thread. Not all of the below threads have valuable info (didn’t check them all in detail) but the list gives you an idea about which threads have been active in the last three years or so. If there are older threads with valuable info you think should be listed here, let me know and I will update this post. Will also update this post whenever new related threads are created. (The further up the links are in each segment the newer (time of last post) they are. The titles of the threads are the original ones, not created by me.)

While there are some threads about motorcycling in this Travel in Taiwan forum, you might also want to check out the Cars & Motorcycle forum:

1-day Motorcycle Trip Into the Mountains (from Taichung)
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 5&t=134987

taipei to fulong via scooter?
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 5&t=132697

motorcycle touring
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 55&t=11794

Advice on scooting the east coast (so much conflicting info!)
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 5&t=122297

Driving the island on a scooter, advice? Ideas? Do nots?
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 5&t=118858

Scooter rental in Tainan
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 55&t=26988

Cross Island Hwy 20 on scooter?
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 5&t=106497

Alternate Scooter Routes
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 5&t=104399

Putting Bikes on Trains in Taiwan: How To Get Around By Rail
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 34&t=95156

Taroko - Wuling Farm (night ride)
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 4&t=144316

Looking for a travel buddy to cycle around Taiwan
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 5&t=125344

The Central Cross Highway
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 34&t=91632

Highest Road in taiwan in January
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 4&t=138046

Road to Yangming Shan
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 4&t=135404

While there are some threads about bicycling in this Travel in Taiwan forum, you might want to check out the Cycling forum first:

Taipei riverside bike path news
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 34&t=77830

Bikes on bus
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 34&t=91438

Riding from Puli to Hehuanshan (Wuling)
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 4&t=132813

First time in Taiwan - cycle touring/routes
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 4&t=104122

Bike tour around Taiwan in 3-4 weeks
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 5&t=130834

Taking a bicycle up Taroko?
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 55&t=74308

Mountain biking the Tonghou trail
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 55&t=66656

Bike rental/Bike paths in Taizhong Situn area?
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 5&t=108040

Planning a 3-day cycling trip down the east coast: how can I get my bike there?
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 5&t=103279

While there are some threads about driving in this Travel in Taiwan forum, you might also want to check out the Cars & Motorcycle forum:

White Knuckle Driver- Kending to Taidong, help…
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 5&t=124339

short road trip with kids
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 55&t=59845

Wugu-Yangmei overpass - three people minimum per car
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 5&t=119710

Kaoshiung (Gaoxiong) to Taroko to Green Island to Kending by car
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 55&t=82773

Southern Cross-Island Highway
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 5&t=120529

Tainan’s Coffee Road
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 55&t=92656

Majia Road open (Ping 35)
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 5&t=109451

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