Stiffing a bank

Right, I don’t mean this at all lightly and I am not under the influence, but from now, a portion of my life’s purpose will be purely devoted to publicly humiliating, or forcing via legal action, a large international bank into addressing it’s alarming disdain for low level earners who are obliged by legislation to rely on their shoddy banking services.

I really don’t want to go into details, and I certainly do want to remain within the parameters of the law here . . after all, I am serious. I realise I am in HK and most of you Taiwan, but there is no reason we can’t have an international objective in mind, and certainly I believe sharing successes from the minor to the sublime will be to the benefit of all of us.

With that in mind, what advice/experience do you have? How can you gut these thick-skinned bastards?

In all seriousness, I have found myself on the street screaming into my handset in absolute frustration at the tardiness of my bank. I simply cannot believe their audacity to stiff customers with such absolute contempt and false promises (I think there may be legal scope in this but I’m no lawyer, and Christ, they got money . . . our f**king money!).