Stilton tip

I got fed up with trying to get hold of decent quality Stilton cheese. Found it in the breeze centre, but it was awfully expensive and quality not great. Quality was better at CitySuper, but still pricey (NT$190/100g, about £29/Kg).

CitySuper in HongKong has Stilton in excellent condition at their branch in the IFC Mall, Central, right where the train departs for the airport. Price is HK$20/100g, about £12.50/Kg

But best of all, I found it freezes! I picked up a chunk at the Waitrose (they sell those “half rounds”) above Gloucester Road tube in London. Packed it in those ice-pack things which I had pre-frozen. Continued to Heathrow and thence to Taipei. On arrival it was still very cold. Divided it up into 4 chunks and wrapped in cling-film, froze 3.

All worked well. Have just brought back 3 Kg. (One-and-half “half rounds” from Sainsbury’s.) Price about £8/Kg (its some kind of premium brand they sell at the cheese counter). Almost a hundred’s quid worth if I bought it here!

The Diner’s blue burgers are fine - but i couldn’t get over the measly portion of cheese. Now my TW friend gets a proper slab of cheese on her homemade burger - one that’s almost as big as the burger itself. She’s addicted - though she thinks is a plot for me to fatten her up so I can use her chubbiness as an excuse to dump her…