Strange and Unexpected Impressions While Traveling Abroad


The problem is that it’s considered politically incorrect for elementary schools to teach common sense.

The UK has a large and growing population of uneducated, unemployed nutcases. They’ve always been there, of course, but we’ve managed to cultivate vast estates full of useless parents producing loads of useless kids, and we’ve made no attempt to educate those kids and give them a life better than their parents. It would be technically possible to do so (interesting fact: kids grow up to reflect the behaviour of a society of peers, not their parents). We just choose not to.

The average British kid thinks he should have a retinue of ass-wipers to sort out his every little problem. If he doesn’t have lots of money, a car, and beer at the weekend, that’s somebody else’s fault. Usually the Poles. The operation of society - including what used to be called ‘respectable’ society - now revolves around skimming and scamming, because so few people actually have useful life skills. In that environment, you do get quite a fair bit of casual violence directed at (say) drones in Council offices. Hence the notices on the walls.


Yeah no, lets stick to version that everyone who speaks in his native language near you does so only to say slurs behind your back, Mr.Important. Muh butthurt.

Seriously, you just provided story of blatant racism and ignorance and yet still cling to that one where you just felt offended. You are making assumptions about what was said one language based only on sounds similiar to totally different language that has nothing in common with it, and yet you complain about ignorance. Ironic, isn’t it?

Yeah I’m taking every single of your stories with grain of salt.


If that is so, Minister Finley, then it logically follows that having 99% of those children go to the same schools would result in basically zero progress (for them at least).

Remind me again how your full privatization plan for the education system goes.

Political Implications of IQ Tests [Split from Topic "First time to the U.K. Strange...']
Political Implications of IQ Tests [Split from Topic "First time to the U.K. Strange...']

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This discussion is way off topic and gets sillier with every post. If you guys/gals don’t get back to talking about the UK and unexpected impression I might just end this thread. :boy:



You could always split it off to a discussion of the political implications of IQ tests, and we can continue the silliness over there.


Good idea.


Just to clarify, you find the idea of the white race surviving reprehensible?

You’re not advocating some kind final solution to the white privilege problem are you?


I split the topic, if anyone wants to discuss IQ tests further, please go to Political Implications of IQ Tests [Split from Topic "First time to the U.K. Strange...']


I’ve admitted that it was a misunderstanding with the Polish language last time. And I’m using it as an example.

So, what I mean this time is, hopefully this time it is also a misunderstanding with the Arabic or any other languages.


It happens with many languages. The Arabic one that really tickles me is key f***. It’s actually a colloquial form of how are you?


Is that why all the Doctors I’ve seen in the Health Centre are of foreign origin?
Because the rich English kids just inherit all the money and property and don’t even have to work in their life, whilst those poor as hell foreigners from the third world like India, Nigeria, or China have to study and work so hard to get a job that no English want to do?


More likely, I think, is that the genetic worm has turned, so to speak, and white people are starting to be born stupider and stupider.

Very soon, all your physicians and engineers, mathematicians, and physics geniuses (genii) are going to be predominantly brown, yellow, and black people.

All that’s going to be left for the gringos is going to be the study of law, which, as has been made abundantly clear, is a demonstrably vast dumping ground for total frigging morons with excess post-secondary education funding.


No, because their parents don’t have any money or property. Or if they do, the government will take it away from them when they die.

More and more British kids don’t do anything useful for the obvious reasons:

  • they can’t
  • they don’t want to
  • there are an awful lot of ‘bullshit jobs’ out there, so that’s what Mr Average is most likely to end up doing … or not, if he’d rather just be unemployed.

There is no penalty for being a useless idiot, so people who are born that way can pass on lots of idiot genes, and people who choose to be that way have a reasonable standard of living regardless.


Oh my what is with all this British negativity


We can wave the flag around and shout ‘long live the Queen!’ if it makes you feel better?

Or we could go to the park and drink cheap lager, if you prefer.


Let’s go to a rave.


Indeed. I owe my Englishee to British education. Now that I think about it, the headmaster was from Pakistan…Tall, stately handsome dude with this thick Pancho Villa mustache.

But the most handsome was my dear professor John. Have I told you about him? A bodybuilder. Spotted him on a not so recent trip to the ol country. My, my, man was looking as good as ever. Not a day had gone by…and I have been almost 20 years in Taiwan and I went to British school before college…you do the Math.


No kidding.
In the World Series of Asshole White People, the Pommos aren’t even in the running, not for a hundred -odd years or so, anyways.