Strange and Unexpected Impressions While Traveling Abroad


Depends who you ask doesn’t it?
Letting millions die of famine in their own empire was a favourite of theirs. Stopping my ancestors practicing their religion, owning land, speaking their language or even getting an education wasnt too great a move either.


That’s kind of what I meant about the last hundred years or so.
This being the 100th anniversary of, well, you know…


Of…I don’t know they did too much bad shit back then :).
Famines even occurred in the last century during WWII in India they just let them starve to death in the streets.

Churchill was no hero in reality.

Don’t get me wrong plenty to admire too but theres a reason the evil guys in the movies always have a German, Russian or Brit accent right :thinking:


Sure, and it’s your history, what do I know?.
I’m the last fecker to be sticking up for them limey mofos. I just kind of see them becoming less and less relevant with every passing year.

Dang, I was a year off, sorry


Tut tut . Actually I’m impressed you know that even if a year off!



Is it true that most people in Boston (the one in the U.S.) claim to be Irish?


so i take it you didn’t notice the run down poor english people on your travels then? lucky you but its most of the country. try googling chav. and uk is a rich country, people from poorer European countrys move there to work. rocket science it aint.


What, the Anglo Rouge took over? And I missed it? :astonished:

I realize you have a dreadful tax system too, perhaps even more dreadful than Canada’s, but obviously some people manage to stay relatively wealthy in spite of it.


I think their tax system has done well for some of them for …what…600 years give or take.

To put that land area into context you could fit 2,400,000 average British homes into this guy’s land.

If one were to follow their development guidleines would only fit 500,000 houses.

But yeah…taxes…Europe :slight_smile:


I haven;t been to Taiwan yet, but I lived years in mainland China, for years and being a laowai there, can be a nightmare, without assuming what they’re saying. As a matter of fact, now that I speak Putonghua, they are not rude, but they’ll stare at you constantly, laugh at you and finger pointing you. That is not pleasant, although they do it more out of admiration. Now, London is a cosmopolitan city, but saying that you haven’t seen ‘indigenous’ English is exaggerated to the extreme! Being your first time in the UK, you, as many people, arrive convinced that everybody speaks BBC English, but alas no! Those that you defined as Poles most probably were Cockneys speaking Cockney!! Btw, I’m not British but Italian, but then again…a laowai is a laowai!lol 88


On the bright side, that means that Barratt haven’t put 2,400,000 very average homes on it.

I dislike land standing idle as much as you do, but since British people rarely think of anything more interesting to do with it than cover it with concrete and trash, I’m quite happy to have some nob leave it to the trees and grass and sheep.


I did run into poor-looking people in England (a lot more homeless and suspicious characters wandering on the street in the city centre at midnight than I would ever imagine), but I wasn’t sure if they’re English or any other EU migrants.

I mean, logically, if even a foreigner can at least get a minimum-waged job to support himself/herself, I don’t understand why a native English would end up sleeping on the street.

Yeah, funny enough, all those homeless people, beggars, junkies, drunk idiots on the street are White Europeans.
Other non-White ethnic groups at least got themselves a job and live like a human being.


I never used Laowai or any other rude nicknames/slurs to refer to any non-Taiwanese when I’m in Taiwan, probably because I know how it feels to get called by rude nicknames/slurs when I’m outside of Asia.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” is such a simple rule to follow in life, yet most people in this world will never understand it or follow it.

By the way, I have the impression that the South Europeans (Italians and Spanish) are the most likely people to call all East-Asians “Chinos (Chinese)”.


I suggest that you read again my message, and my reference to the term Laowai was that it’s used constantly in mainland China, although it’s not seen as a derogatory term and never stated that you did say it. You can be offensive without using rude nicknames/slurs, racism manifests itself in many ways. You obviously made some unpleasant and unfortunate experience outside of Asia where you suffered racial discrimination, but please don’t generalize as portraying yourself as a victim of racial discrimination for being Chinese is quite outdated. You made a fuss because you heard the word ‘chino’ but don’t have a clue of what they were saying! Now because I told you that I’m Italian you’re coming with the South European story that Italians and Spanish call East Asians ‘chinos’. Chino, it’s Spanish (in Italian it’s different) for Chinese! And you got offended for being called Chinese? What do you want to be called? Taiwanese?? Even if I saw you on the street in Taiwan, how can I differ you from another Chinese in the mainland?? I’ve just seen your replies to the other comments to your post and they smack of blatant and rancid racism, and quite honestly the moderator should put a stop to this nonsense. BTW I’m in this forum because soon I’ll visit Taiwan of which I hear nothing but positive things, but you must be the exception to the rule! Have a nice day!


So, you can get offended when people don’t know the difference between Spanish/Spain and Italian/Italy, while I can’t get offended when people don’t know the difference between several completely different East Asian countries?

Yeah, have a nice day, too.
However, with your point of view and attitude, hopefully you’re not heading to Southern Taiwan. If you try calling a Southerner Chinese, you definitely won’t have a nice day.


No, that’s not what I meant.
I mean those signs in public places, which clearly states “Please respect our staff members” or "Racial abuses or any form of abuses are not tolerated."
It’s clearly enough that people (I assume it’s the English local people) do spew out insulting racial slurs and foul language against the staff members in the public places.
And, yes, the staff members there are mostly people who are of foreign origin like South Asia and Africa.
I think it has become another topic here, so please see the new thread below.


Council staff in the UK jave to inform a lot of people their benefits are being cut or they have to move out of the city to some place far away . Hence a lot of pissed off angry members of the public to deal with.


don’t pretend you are using logic mate. not only white people are british, as you seem to think. and not only white people are and can become homeless in the uk. although there is little point in explaining things further you only seem interested in writing a bunch of weird stuff that fits in with your warped perspective.


In Latin America, anyone with slightly slanted eyes is chino. A fat person is Gordo. A brother is negro bello mi amor. Whitie is gringo. Generic is generic term as they do not know you and need to call you by some physical appearance. Takes time to move from generic gringo to el gringo John to jus John el de la esquina = the one who lives on the corner.

Before I got here, my nickname at work from guards and rotating personnel was chinita. Buenos días chinita. Va tarde china = you are running late, Chinese girl!

Here I became atoga, laowai, waiguoren. I do mind being called the laowai at work because we are not that many, I have been there long enough and they should know my name, but most importantly because they use this term to say how we all think or feel. The laowai checked it or The laowai approved this is not the same as Laowai like this kind of stuff in the design.