Strange power probblems

there seems to be something wrong with the build i am at I am not sure what is going on but for the 3rd time this week while I have been packing for this week to go back home for funeral i lost power for 3 minutes. It makes a loud bang scares the shit out of me in total darkness then comes back on again. Is it because people are stealing electricity and crosing wires wtf is up with this shit i nearly had 3 hart attacks this week

sorry about the spelling but I cant seem to edit my posts and i cant spell either in case you havnt noticed :frowning:

I can’t help with the power problem, but try signing up for and using the “Spell Check” button at the bottom of the post window if you’re concerned about your spelling.

Someone in your building is tripping the circuit breaker and then rushing down to the basement to reset it. The loud bang is most probably them falling down the stairs.

LOL i thought it was people stealing electricity like they do in shanghai that happened alot when I lived there

Or if you have some foreigners who just moved in, it’s the sound of them plugging their 220V appliances into the 110V sockets :slight_smile:

LOL dam foreigners wait I am one but at least my stuff is 100 or 110V

Obviously the place is haunted… you should pay a huge sum of money to pay some magic man to come in… have a seizure… spit and scream… and rid your place of the demon