Strange question


Can someone please help me translate “One Fang” in to Mandarin?

Here’s why…

My boyfriend and I are coming to Taiwan in 6 days (ack!) and are bringing our cats. Today we took the cats to the vet to get their health certificate for the airline, and the vet noticed that one of her fangs was loose. They had to pull it!!! So now she only has one fang! So, in respect for this “tragic” event, we figured we’d give her a new name. “One Fang.” But I thought it would be more appropriate if it was in Mandarin.

If anyone has any other recommendations, that would be great too. We’re open to suggestions!




Try Yiya (Pronounced eeya) which means one tooth.
Danya means single tooth. Huya, which is the Chinese word for fang, literally means tiger tooth.


Huya is such a cuuuuuuute name.