Stray Cats

Ah nothing like waking up to the smell of … cat poo.

So here’s my problem, the stray cats in my neighborhood are shitting all over my place. They especially like to take a dump right outside my window too so come morning I have the fresh scent of crap wafting through my windows.

Now does anyone know how to stop this behavior? A couple people at work suggested I put some mint plants outside the window close to where they do their business because mint puts them off somehow, can anyone vouch for this method? Someone suggested sprinkling pepper around the area because it irritates their sensitive sense of smell.

So does anyone have any suggestions on how to combat this problem?

They like to crap in the same place, wash it away with boiling water. It worked for me once.

Give them a kitty litter somewhere else (disguise it as a pot plant or something). Cats would much rather shit in some dirt or sand than just on the street.


I would suggest a BB gun, or squirt bottle. Whatever works best for you.

My cats have no problem with our peppermint plant so I dont think thats the answer. One thing the cats hate is onions. You could crush onions and garlic into a paste and add a little water then pour that around the area and they should go elsewhere for their business.

Squirt water when they come near; they won’t want to come back.

Also found this:

“Light reflection can also be affective. An old gamekeepers trick is to place full plastic bottles in borders. Unwanted CDs threaded on twine and placed across flower beds or hung from trees can also deter cats.”

“Scent deterrents also work. Renardine, Citronella, orange or lemon peel will repel …”

"A plant with a pungent odour, Coleus canina (poss under names

I need something to keep the cats off my bike; they leave muddy paw prints and hair on my seat every morning! But Renardine stinks, acc. to web info I looked up; and is it even available in Taiwan? Not sure how I’m gonna apply onions or orange peels to my bike, either. Maybe I’ll try citronella spray; I hope it isn’t sticky and won’t harm the vinyl seat cover, though.

Just get yourself a cheap seat cover and remember to put it on the bike when you get home. Worked well for me.

Cats cannot stand the smell of lemons or oranges. If you can get orange or lemon extract (can be had from Jason’s) or grapefruit extract (The Body Shop), put a little on some cloth or directly onto absorbent materials (like bike seats).

When I was younger, my sister and I would tease our cat who came running every time the fridge opened to get milk. Our orange juice came in the same jugs as the milk and one day, we held the open jug in front of her. She looked as if we had offered her turpentine or something horrible smelling and ran away whenever we opened any jug from that point on.

Imagine if orange juice has that effect on cats how orange essence will deter them. The hot water with a few drops of orange or lemon oil/scent to wash away their favorite toileting spot should do the trick.

We once bought a lemon-scented spray at the pet-shop that was especially made for the purpose of deterring cats to scrach on furniture and sofas, and it did smell strongly of lemons/citrus fruits, but our cat loved it and it had quite the opposite effect … :noway: Maybe the real deal (just some orange peel or essence of ornge oil or so) works better.

You could generously spread catnip in an area away from where you don’t want them, maybe that would work??

Onions can cause fatal problems in cats, just like dogs. Please don’t use this.

Most citric flavored stuff will keep cats away.

Thanks, I’ll try citrus extract. The seat cover is vinyl, but I’ll put a rag soaked in the stuff under the seat; maybe that’ll work. I’d never want to hurt them of course – just want to keep the seat clean.