Stream Music to iPhone Suggestions?

I’m challenged finding music streaming services to iPhone that work in Taiwan. Any suggestions? has an live stream app and some good tunes

But perhaps you should try podcasts…
(via Podcast app)
LuckyMe Mixtapes
and KEXP’s Music that Matters…

Shame we can’t get music on the beeb

YouTube is good for whole albums, etc, but kills your battery as you need to keep the screen on…

Also, Mixcloud has an app

I’ll tell you… You have two great options. KKBOX and They both have apps that will run on both platforms and even off line.

They have most of what you would like in main stream and a great historic collection both for Chinese and Englsh. With their apps, you get live Karaoke type lyrics for many popular songs too. A great Chinese learning exercise.

I prefer MyMusic formerly EZ P because it uses WMA as its delivery system. With WMA you could run that file through certain software packages like “Tunebite” which could re-record (not copy) your songs into MP3 format freeing your media for the car.
However, with my great Android phone, I see no need to do this nowadays.

WMA and whatever KKBOX uses nowadays are protected files. They will continue to run on your computer or phone as long as your account remains good. You can stream or download. WMA will play on all your music apps but the KKBoX files will only work on their own app. MYMUSIC and I guess KKBOX let’s you have three devices per account. You can add or drop devices at will . I recall correctly, KKBOX let me drop them on line. I needed MY music’s customer service help to do it last time though.
GIve it a try… Visit thier website. Set up an account. Go to Family Mart and use their computer terminal to buy one month service. Both are only 149NT per month.
If you like the service and want to choose a a three month plan or enter a plan through your internet provider, the price will be significantly lower.
Mymusic (be careful when you enter the website by hand there are a lot of look alikes if you make a mistake)

I’ve been enjoying the KKbox app on the Ipad. And it’s in English these days, so it makes things much easier!