Street fighter 4 for ps3

anyone know where I can get sf4 for ps3? seems like all the stores are all sold out, anyone can help me out? preferably in/near Kaohsiung area, thanks a lot

anyone? last week I checked they say the 2nd shipment will arrive on the 20th…but I just checked yesterday they say it will be 25th!! anyone know anything about it?

This game seems to be sold out worldwide. The demand has been huge :frowning:

If you can be bothered to come to Taipei, I suggest you go to Taipei Main station’s underground Taipei city mall as it has at least 10 video game stores all within a 2 min walk of each other. Not only does it have the most video game stores, these stores tend to be cheaper and better stocked then anywhere else.

The only problem is finding the right underground mall… there are about 3 of them and they are all very long and have dozens of twists and turns. If you can find the correct mall : Taipei city mall then keep walking till you start seeing video game stores you should be fine!

ok finally got the game…but someone I can’t go online with this game or the other game…do you guys have problem going online with ps3 the last several days?

Does anyone know where I can play SF4 in Taipei? Doesn’t matter if it’s 360 or PS3. I know the only SF4 machine is in kaohsiung