String Theory

In physics there is a string theory. Do you believe in it?

here’s what I’ve discovered.



Supersymmetry ( Superstring Theory) is still , in some parts a Theoretical assumption . Hard because of the energy requirements. Until we get more evidence from Particle accelerators, or possibly space, It is likely , but still an assumption . Certainly interesting times if we can perceive the extra dimensions.

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Dude signed up to the site to post just this question…and you rise to the bait like a nooby :wall:

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Oops … sorry :joy:I am fascinated by it all , though :blush:

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After the 9th glass, I believe in anything.

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Michio Ikaku.
Read it :slight_smile:

It’s hard to answer the question “do you believe in string theory.”

String theory is a very broad term.

If you were to ask me if I believe in Newtonian mechanics, I wouldn’t be able to answer that question either because I would want to say yes… except for the places where Newtonian mechanics breaks down. String theory is similarly difficult to confirm or deny. It’s a very good theory and useful for certain purposes… but it’s not the theory of everything.

If you could ask a more specific question, you could get more specific answers.

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Still waiting for a solve on this one…

Excellent book

This. Actually, exactly!

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If patterns are repeated at the cosmic and molecular levels; for example, the distribution of matter in the universe and the distribution of neurons in a human brain - then maybe there is a similar pattern at the string level? I wonder if it’s possible to fill in the blanks with patterns already observed in the universe to achieve a grand unified theory?