Student visa 2021


I am wondering how the visa situation looks now for new students that want to come and study in Taiwan. I was planning to enroll into a Chinese language program during spring 2021 and I have difficulty finding information about it.


  • Is it possible to come as a new international Chinese language student to Taiwan?
  • If this is possible, then is there any date for the maximum number of days a foreigner can enter the country before the courses start. In my case, the registration date would be on 2021/02/22.

You could ask here. They talked a lot on visa for a new international Chinese language student to Taiwan.

No, it’s not possible at the moment and there is no transparent time line so we don’t know when they will allow language (or exchange) students.

Currently, only degree-seeking foreign students are allowed to come to Taiwan. Mandarin language students are not yet allowed. There is currently no estimated date that they will be allowed in. No government agency has provided any further information.

You can enter from the start date listed on your visa, though this varies by visa. I would advise checking with your local TECO (Taiwan representative) office, but they wouldn’t be able to give you a direct answer since the type of visa you’re seeking isn’t currently being issued. All you can do at the moment is wait for a further announcement before making any concrete plans.

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Can I ask where you are from?