Student visa and places/courses of study

This is for Hartzell really, couldn’t see the “Legal” forum… sorry.

I would like to get a student visa, but want to know which courses and places of study the government approve of. Is it possible to study something like KungFu for instance? Is there a list of governmetn approved institutions somewhere?

And further, can anybody give me more information re universities/institutions doing nightcourses conducted in English… maybe even honours degree courses.

Thank you

Go to the Archives, Knowledge base asnd you’ll find all the answers.

Sorry amos, try as I might I cannot find the answers… Archives/Knowledge base/All topics searched. For the life of me I can’t find the info.

See if this helps.

By the way, the link to Chinese Language Training Programs in the R.O.C. on the above page is broken.

This page seems to have similar information, but I haven’t checked the source.

Also see my website for links to many language schools and university language centers.

You can get visa extentions based on martial arts study. I know people who have.