Student Visa Taiwan

Hi All,

I would really appreciate if any of you could help with my upcoming move to Taiwan. I had a good look through previous threads but couldn’t see anything directly relevant to my situation.

In March next 2019 I plan to move over from the UK (my fiancé is Taiwanese and she would like me to come and live for at least a year having visited previously for a month in 2017).

I’ve contacted some companies about working for them (I work in wine - I posted here recently about this) and some have said that it would be better if I can speak Mandarin. I am considering coming over and taking a Mandarin course to start with for 3-6 months and have heard that if I do this I will be eligible for a student visa. Can anyone confirm if this is the case as I’m struggling to find correct information. Has anyone here done something similar? I have also heard that it is possible to work whilst on a student visa - surely this is not the case if I am only planning to study 3-6 months?

Any tips on the visa issue, working whilst on student visa and also good places to study Mandarin would be very much appreciated.


If you want to get an ARC, you have to study at an approved university. After 4 months of F/T study on a student visa you can apply for an ARC. A student visa (FR) will allow you to stay 180 days, and you can then renew it. ARC’s let you open a bank account, and buy a scooter.

Work permits are a different thing altogether. Going by the information on this site, you can apply after one year of F/T study and are limited to 20 hours p/w.

Why not apply for a working holiday visa if you are young enough?

if it is 3-6 months, you can get a visitor visa for the purpose of studying mandarin.

As @themudpicker’s post indicates, this doesn’t allow you to work.

That visitor visa for studying is the FR student visa, which is what I will enter on this Thursday. I can understand OB’s confusion, visa’s for Taiwan are all over the shop.

You may want to have a look at previous posts regarding my scouting around for a school, it may be of some help.

which city?