Students visa's & travelling

Hi all …

I study at a non university institute and therefore have to leave every six months to get a new two month valid student visa. Then I can extend that visa four times - each time for 30 days. Great.

But my question is this then …

If I would like to go and travel (say for argument sake) Thailand for a few days, maybe a week … Does that mean I lose the current visa, even if there was “time” left on it, and need to apply for a new two month student visa on my return to Taiwan ? Which in effect would mean taking the papers with me where-ever I go …

Is that right ?

Thank you in advance.

Check whether you have a single or multiple entry visa.

[color=black] Hi I am pretty much in the same boat as Cube …

I do not have a mulitple entry visa. So I take it everytime I leave I have to make arrangements for a new student visa :?:

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If you’re dragging out a 60 day extendable visitor visa thru studying at say TLI, then your visa dies when you leave the country. And yes, you have to get a new one. The only way outta that is to obtain an ARC by attending an approved school - usually a university Chinese program or the like.

Note that what I’m talking about is a visitor visa. With an ARC and a re-entry permit you’ll have no problems.

I was a student at an approved school , but I blew it by tripping off to Bali during a winter break only to return and be told I had no visa. Despite having a valid student ID - showing I’d paid up for several more months, evidence of attendance, the exasperated woman at the visa section at the airport and her sincerity in seeking any possible loop hole - all failed to gain me anything but a landing visa (two weeks) and it was off to the Chunking mansions for a night (HK).

Mind you, you could always time your holiday with ya visa run.

Guang Chen

[color=black]Yes - that is indeed what I thought.

Thank you Huang Guang Chen :wink:

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Oh a tip!
Make sure the place you’re heading to has a Taipei Economic Trade Office.