Study at CLD NTU/Tai Da

Hi there, I got an offer for studying at the CLD of NTU in the 10hrs/week programme. Could anyone who studies there give some more ideas on how it is? I have searched and couldn’t find a lot as compared to NTNU. Many thanks. Cheers!

I studied there for six months (March - August) before moving upstairs to the ICLP.

A friend of mine recommended it over ShiDa. It’s much smaller & classes are capped at 6 (with some of the upper level classes being smaller), which sounded a lot better to me than the 12 max at ShiDa. There’s not a lot of flexibility until you get to the more upper level classes, but I think that holds true of a lot of language schools?

In any case, I’m glad I started there as opposed to ShiDa; the smaller size & accompanying atmosphere was really nice.