Study vs. tourism/extendable vs. non extendable

I will be going to Taipei to study Mandarin so I could check the “study” box on the application form. I just do not want to commit to a particular school until I am in Taipei. So is it best to check “tourist” on the visa application form and then when apply for an extension bring my school registration paper? Just wondering if I go as a student first time around if this will more likely get me an extendable visa.

It wouldn’t hurt (to tick the study box).


[quote=“Bu Lai En”]It wouldn’t hurt (to tick the study box).

Are you sure? I thought you’d have to have a document from the school to prove you’re going to study before they’d issue a visa for this purpose. The poster doesn’t want to choose a school til he gets here, so I’d say its best to tick the tourism box. The visa’s the same anyway – a straightforward tourist visa. There’s no such thing as a “student” visa.

I meant it’s not going to hurt your chances of getting 60 day vs 30 day or extendable vs non-extendable. Likely as not it won’t help either, but might depending on the office. My first visa was Hanoi 1998 and they gave me 60-day extendable for ticking the ‘study’ box. (I didn’t have any papers or anything).


In my experience, you’re far more likely to get the gold card 60 day extendable tourist visa saving you a curry at the Chungking Mansions if you apply to study with approval from a language school. This doesn’t mean you can’t seek approval and enrol somewhere else after you get here.


i got a 2 month single entry visa before i came to taiwan, it expires today…a few weeks ago I enrolled in mandarin classes, went to the police station the other day with a certificate from the school, and they extended my visa for another 30 days… I think I can do this for upto 6 months…