Studying abroad Taoyuan


I am a Belgian student (21y/o male) who will be studying in MCU (Taoyuan) starting February 2018.
Through this platform, I am looking for locals who are willing to chat with me and help me with a few questions (about Taoyuan, accomodation, accessibility, …). I am looking forward to the replies!

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I’ve lived in Taoyuan for almost ten years (I hear those groans of pity). Ask away; perhaps I can be of help.

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Taoyuan has tons of things going for it! Like, it’s close to the airport, and…um, did I mention it was close to the airport?


They call it the Aerotropolis. Did we mention its close to the airport?

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Does that mean “industrial nightmare” in Greek? But seriously, it has other advantages: it’s easier to find English teaching work in Taoyuan because most foreigners don’t want to live there. I assume @Steve4nLanguage is there for other reasons. Love, maybe?

hi, thanks for the reply.
any suggestions on how to find lodgings near MCU? (my knowledge of chinese is not yet sufficient to book on taiwanese sites myself)

meant to reply the last message to you, sorry :slight_smile:

hi steven, is there any way to contact you? or do you want to keep it through Furomosa?

I think if you click on my icon you can send me a private message (PM).

Here is but one of the myriad reasons I stay in Taoyuan (he was such a handsome devil, am I right?)

Reminds me of that old Mae West quote…


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is it possible that i cannot because i am new to this site?

Taiwan is an extremely small island.
Geographically, it’s more like one of the small states in Europe or North America.

Oh, the PM function doesn’t work? Maybe it is because you’re a new member; I don’t really know.
Feel free to post your questions here in the meantime.

Taiwan may be small as countries go, but it’s actually quite large for an island.

Yes, but not hard to get to TL1 when you can make PMs


Which campus is it? Is it the one at Guishan?

Taiwan is smaller than Hawaii.

Don’t forget you can also take the Taoyuan MRT to Linkou and Taipei now.

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I want some of what you’re smoking!

Taiwan’s land area: 35,883 square km

Hawaii’s land area: 16,636 square km (and that’s divided among eight major islands)