Studying Chinese, and gleaning the community!

Well, I’ve been searching around in my local area for a chinese school, and through sheer luck, I came upon this website, dedicated to the art of learning to speak/write chinese. They specialize in smaller classes, and a greater degree of comprehension of the student and teacher relation, I guess this is why they claim such high success rates of their students.

I’m not sure whether or not this is the particular class to suit my needs, but this is the website, if anyone has any time to check it over for me, just at a glance, I would greatly appreciate it… I am not very knowledgeable on the topic, and would probably blindly hand over my money to anyone claiming a good knowledge of the Chinese language.

Also, I was wondering, can you pick up Chinese in one form or another from your local community? Just a few blocks away from where I live, at least somewhat in the vicinity of a walk, is a place called “China Town” Although usually frequented by teenagers, I might be able to come upon someone willing to have a conversation with me. Generally though, I’m sure I’d be told to take a hike, and learn Chinese before coming to their little home away from home.