Studying Chinese in Hsinchu

A friend of mine will move from USA to HsinChu this summer. If anyone can recommend the language schools or a tutor ?

Can anyone recommend a government approved school that offers Chinese lessons … in Hsinchu or anywhere in Miaoli County?


Hi, I have been studying chinese at university in Taipei for over a year now, since I might have to move to Hsinchu pretty soon I need a school there.
Can I extend my current ARC with papers of any school?

I know Chao Tung U. has a class starting Sept. 8 '03. NT25k for 1 year, twice a week at night. Don’t know anyone who’s gone there. :?:

hey all,
Im in hsin chu and have had tremedous problems in locating a language school for myself. I want to learn chinese but I cant seem to find any other than Cornell that charges so exorbitantly, that I fear to even step into it.

I cant ask my colleagues for much help because none in the past reaped any worthwhile results anyways!

I would appreciate any help at all.

PS. I do know that this topic might have been posted many a times, but I would really appreciate if anyone who has/is studying Chinese in Hsin Chu would reply to this.

Thanks a million.

I’m looking for a Mandarin Chinese language instructor in the Hsinchu area. No language exchanges please. All help appreciated.

I had a Mandarin language-learning program before called “Sounds” (or something similiar). With this program, I was able to copy text, paste it into a textbox and the program was able to “read” it to me. Does anyone know of a similiar program?


  1. Dr.eye 6.0
  2. text to speech from (


I am living in Chupei and am looking for chinese lessons in the surrounding area. So far the only place I have found is Chao Tung U. which doesn’t start untill September.

Does anyone know of any place with classes available sooner ?


Hi Ruhi,

I live in Chupei, too. I am a Taiwnian. May be I can do something for you.

I don

there is a chinese school called Empty boat…they are located near windance. The teachers name is lina and she is really good. her number is 0915901652

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A what? :laughing:[/quote]Taiwanian.[/quote]
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Actually I am Taiwanlan…if you don’t mind…[/quote]
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