Studying Forensic Science in USA

These couple of days, I was discussing in Forumosa about my sister and her husband sponsoring me to study in USA. Some people suggested me to continue my Education in Nursing because I am a LVN Nurse in Taiwan. Yep, I know nurses are in high demand in USA. But, I don’t think I want to be a nurse forever. I have two years of experience and I will probably work only 2 more years. I will try my best to sponsor myself. But, I would love to study Foresinc Science in USA. Has anyone ever heard about people studying in this field in USA?

all kinds of info.
CSI got you interested?
it’s probably the safer route to take for being a public law officer

My understanding is that there are lots of forensic scientists working in Washington, DC. Not just the FBI, some also work for the military and there are large NGOs there that also employ forensic scientists.

I have heard that George Washington University (large uni with multiple campuses in DC) has a very good forensic science program.

But tbh, other large American cities also employ forensic scientists, so there are likely many programs in the US. I suspect there are several in California, but I don’t know much about the West coast.

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Thanks. Yep, I have some Academic credits in Chemistry, Biology and Pharmacology while I was studying Nursing in Taiwan. I can transfer them. Then, I don’t have to retake them. I should have tried this major before enrolling in Nursing. But, I think there aren’t many schools offering this major in Taiwan. If they do, I think the resources are very limited. So, I believe it is better to study it in USA.

You should be a flight nurse. My best friend from HSs mom is a emergency flight nurse on a helicopter. It’s pretty cool, she’s actually saved a few of our friends life flying down to save them. I always thought it was one of the coolest jobs.

Your post said nothing on forensic science…

my Mexican acquaintance wanted to study it in usa, but I lost touch with her and don’t know her decision.

I think you will get more useful info by googling than asking here.

If you’re considering studying in Taiwan, the department of forensic medicine in NTU is quite good. However in Taiwan you need to get a list of credits first if you want to become a forensic physician or examinator, but those courses could not be registered if you’re not a med school student.

do you know how is the dept. of FS in central police univ.?

As far as I know, the programs in CPU are mainly for training forensic investigator (鑑識人員).
Nevertheless, I’ve just check, the Forensic Pathologist Act was just revised last year. One can become a 法醫 without getting a medical license in Taiwan from now on. The justification of whether a forensic physician should obtain an MD license is still debatable here. I don’t know if it’s the case abroad.

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Nah, I feel dizziness and nausea when I am flying. I might faint before saving any patient.