Studying in Singapore on Student Visa

Hi, I will be providing information on studying in Singapore on a Student Visa, this will be a consultation thread. Any parents/ students who are keen to study in Singapore can leave your questions down and i will gladly answer them!


Cool. Are you an agent?
I want to send my kids for secondary school… in 4 years and 7 years.
I used to study there… I’m sure it has changed a lot and has gotten more expensive.

hi, I am not an agent,
To be honest I am a consultant from an International School in Singapore
just to clarify, your kids are 4 years old and 7 years old or
you plan to send them in 4 and 7 years later

and you are right, the education scene here had changed a lot, even though I do not know the price when you were here as a student, it is a sizable amount now to be able to come here and study

4-7 years later.
I was in public school from elementary to secondary.
I could only imagine the fees in international schools.
My dream is to finish elementary and/or 1-2 years of high school in TW, then send them to SG to complete secondary school. They will save 2 years of high school before college in the US. For that 2 years, they can maybe complete senior high in the US or prepare them for scholarship application to US college. Ivy schools maybe?

lol. I dunno lah… still so long but i still kiasu like singaporeans.

your plan is pretty slick, sounds like you had done a good deal of thinking with regards to your child’s education
my suggestion would be to actually bring them in during the Primary school period,
To get into a Singapore Government/ public school, they are required to go through the AEIS.
The difficulty of getting pass the primary level is significantly lower compared to the secondary level.

also after that they will be able to go through the O and A levels or local polytechnic, and advance to our local universities in NUS NTU and SMU