Studying in Taiwan - Which TOEIC test should I take?


I am interested in studying in Taiwan for my Master’s.

I have narrowed down my choices to a few universities in Taiwan. One of the universities that I am applying for is NTUST and one of the requirements that they require is a TOEIC score of 450.

I called up my local TOEIC testing center and asked them about the requirement. They told me that they offer two kinds of test; (Listening and Reading) and (Writing and Speaking). I asked them what the difference is and they said that the Listening and Reading has a score cap of 990 while the Writing and Speaking has a score cap of 200. I figured that since the requirement was 450 that I would take the Listening and Reading test. But, when I emailed the contact person from the Department (University) that I was applying for he told me that I needed to talk both (Not sure if he read my email correctly or that I wasn’t clear with my question).

Do I have to take both test ((Listening and Reading) and (Writing and Speaking))?

TOEIC 450 for a master’s? Wow!

If I were you I would take both to be safe. It’s not that much more money.

Are you absolutely sure they only require 450? It sounds like they are going to accept you no matter what.

Thanks for the reply. Guess I’ll be taking both exam then.

Yes, 450 was the required score lol.

I’m not sure how that’s related to the OP, but it’s interesting. Mandarin Chinese ability is linked to the CEFR.

There’s no reason why this shouldn’t be the case, I just didn’t know it was the case.