Stupidest restaurant name in Taiwan

I too was goingt o nominate ‘The Subconcious restaurant’ and Poagao’s ‘Really Good’ near Daan park.

I remember seeing ‘Really Good’ and wondering what the Chiense was. It’s

How about ‘Hitler’s Drinks and Food’ ??? I just found the following pic on poagao’s site after looking at the above link.

The Conception Room

That was a resturaunt where I lived in China.

The Subconscious Restaurant should win hands down. Places named My Warm Day and My Honey Hamburger really bother me too. And Mary Hamburger joints.

Ice Ice Healthy Drink

I always liked “Fuckin’ Good,” on Chung Shan North Road in Tien Mu, but they shut down a while back. Someone told me there was a restaurant called “Holocaust,” but that’s just getting ridiculous - can anyone discredit this rumor please? Also, does anyone have a picture of bin Laden Icecream in Yung He. My friend told me there was a little cartoon bin Laden on the sign with a soft serve turban.

The Subconscious Restaurant is located on the intersection of Ren-Ai & Xin-Sheng South Rd…

and the other branch of REALLY GOOD SEAFOOD…


I used to hang out at “Fucking Tony’s” up on Section 7. It closed back in 1995…Tony liked to drink just a little bit too much tequila. :laughing:

Not sure if this qualifies as “stupid”…but…

Tickle My Fantasy


Not a restaurant, but I love the sign. I always forget my camera when I see it.

It is a vehicle place (I think) called ASS - Authorized Service Station. To see is to drop down laughing. ASS vertically with the words next to it. Almost pissed myself when I saw it in Hualien.

[quote=“Southpaw”]How about ‘Hitler’s Drinks and Food’ ??? I just found the following pic on poagao’s site after looking at the above link.[/quote]
That place has long since closed down. Luckily, I still have the T-shirt:

If we’re not limited to restaurants, the ‘Wanko’ (clothes) chain still makes me laugh every time I se it.


There’s a coffee shop in Tienmou called CLOSED. That’s the NAME of the joint. I asked why. The owner told me it was a cute word.

  1. Economic Prosperity Restaurant: used to be on Kuang Fu near Ren-Ai
  2. Low Budget Coffee: used to be on Nan King near Reebar Hotel
  3. Airport Lounge: near Citizen Cain, but soon to go out of business

Aiprot Lounge is a great place actually and I am saddened to hear it is closing. Its major problem has always been the fact it is pot luck when it comes to opening hours… nice decor and well priced beverages.

“Daharuma Come in the Vegetarian Restaurant” near Yungkang St.
“Clyties” also near Yungkang (how do you pronounce that???)
“Bunny Listens to the Music” (actually a kind of bizarrely cool name…)
“The Best” (because of the Chinese

C*nt rather suprised me when I first arrived. I heard it was an American chain which surprised me even further. But then again . . . they do sell optical goods so perhaps its deliberate?


Okay, this isn’t a restaurant, but I think once I write the name, we will all be very glad it isn’t…it is actually a bridal shop down here in Panchiao Town…

Are you ready…

Scat Land…

Heh. Take a look in the Taiwan News. For the last few weeks, they’ve been making a similar typo in their movie listing section.
[color=red]Cinemark: The Best Scat in Town[/color] :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: