Stylish Swimsuits- Taipei or Keelung

I"m going down to Kenting in a few weeks and I’m in the market for a new bathing suits. Most of what I’ve seen here so far falls into two opposing categories- weirdly modest and frumpy or itty bitty triangles attached to strings. Also, I’ve noticed it’s very difficult to come by bathing suits that aren’t besieged with all sorts of tacky patterns. I’m a bit more curvy than the average Taiwanese woman but not big- I’ve had no problems finding clothing here. What I’m looking for is something on-trend and flattering, and neither super modest nor ultra revealing. I’ve tried ordering things online but I’d really rather buy from a place where I can try things on first. Taipei or Keelung OK. Please let me know!

I am pretty sure you can buy Roxy and all that ish here.