Sudden change in diet

So tonight I bought fried foods from the stall downstairs for dinner. Again. Up to about twice a week. From about twice a year. I have found that I don’t want vegetables anymore. And fruit gives me indigestion lately. It isn’t just that, WHEN I am hungry has changed.
I still eat breakfast, but I don’t get hungry for lunch until close to 3. And dinner close to 8. Before this strange sudden change I at breakfast, lunch at 1, a snack at 3, dinner at 6, a snack at 8, and fruit before bed.

Needless to say I am putting on weight. Which I don’t really care about. What I do care about is what would cause me to have such a strange, sudden change in diet.
Any ideas?
Don’t tell me depression. Depression just makes me eat all the time. And my depression foods are usually chocolate and cherry tomatoes (no, not together)

Pregnant? :astonished:



Hormone activity.

Lack of sex … good sex … :smiley:

DEFFINATELY not lack of good sex. :howyoudoin:
But you could be right Truant. But then what would make them go all wacky for a month? (and no, I am NOT pregnant :pray: )

Job stress?

Stress could be it. Though it is lack of job stress and not job stress.

Jeez, could be anything, really…tough call…

Ah!! Such a cute picture of my sister and her husband!!