Sudden loss of macros in OfficeXP on Win2000

I’m running the Win 2000/Office XP combination and have gotten a strange error message this morning:

Error in hidden module Rosette
when trying to run macros in Word. I always get a weird error message about VisualBasic when I start Word, but clicking on “OK” removes the message and things have seemed to run normally.

I assume “rosette” is some hidden VB module somewhere? My copy of Word won’t run any macros now (which are important to run Trados, a translator’s software package). Are there any VB experts out there (I’ll even pay!! :laughing: ) who can fix this or tell me what to do (short of throwing out the computer and getting Linux or a Mac)??

Go into Word and press Alt+F11 to bring up the VB Editor. On the top right there should be a folder list which includes Normal and Project. Expand these. Do you see a module called Rosette ? Should it be there ? (ie is it in a word document you have open) If it’s there when you start up word, it has either been inserted into the Normal template by another program, or a virus.

I can’t think why it would be hidden. Usually when a software installation alters Normal the module is visible but locked. When you start up word, does it automatically open any word documents other than Normal ? That is, is there anything in the folder [Drive Letter]:\Documents and Settings[user name]\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP (this setting is in Tools/Options/File Locations “Startup” - the path I have given is the default path). On a standard installation of word you should see in the top left of the VB Editor “Normal” and “Project (Document1)” What does yours have ?

(I am using English W2K and English Office 2K)

I know you were probably kidding, but still … Get a Mac. They’re cool. They don’t do everything a PC can, but they do what they do without making your hair fall out.

MS Office was designed by a group of fanatic Mac programers and made it quite sexy and, dare I say, the only MS product fun to use.

Warning 1: Office X for the Mac does not come with Access. Only a full-featured Word, Excel and PowerPoint … and Entourage, a much more sexy, useful and secure version of Outlook Express for Windows.

It is also run on top of an open-source version of Unix (FreeBSD), so it is much more secure and stable. It’s kind of like a consumer version of Solaris … for those of you who used that on Sun Sparc Stations.

Hi Hexuan, Jeremy:

Thanks for the (very detailed) suggestions.

I would consider a Mac, except that I own legal versions of all the software I use, and it would be a big expense to buy them all from scratch again for the Mac platform. Plus I’m a little concerned about compatibility…my clients mostly use PCs, and with the Chinese question thrown in…or have things gotten better recently in terms of compatibility?

If you do translation with clients that give you all sorts of files … I wouldn’t use a Mac. :cry: Of course, if it were me, I’d make it work somehow and would go to ridiculous lengths to hack it. But giving advice to others, there is some question about file compatibility when it comes to asian languages and fonts.

However, for English business purposes and reading and writing Chinese e-mail and swapping English MS Office files with PC users, that all works.

I need to be able to handle both GB and BIG-5 encodings as well as Unicode. I’ve finally trained myself and/or Win2000 to do that…now things are going to hell in a handbasket over here on this laptop…errrgh!!

(Plus, now the most unique situation I’ve ever encountered as a translator: client wants a HIGHER word count…their 10,000 Chinese words have been translated to an elegant 6,700 English count [if I do say so myself!] and now they want between 10,000 and 15,000!! :shock:

Maybe I do need a new computer!! :shock: :laughing: One that will write fluff and filler automatically!