Anyone knows where I can buy sugarpaste for covering novelty cakes???


What is a novelty cake?

Icing is easy to make, you mix some icing/powder sugar, which you can get in just about every supermarket on the island, with some water until you get the kind of texture you’re happy with. The ratio should be about 10-1 sugar/water. Get some food colouring if you want it to be in different colours.

You can buy both prepared icing and icing sugar (as well as the tubes, nozzles, etc. and colorants) at the baking supply stores, (usually marked [color=blue]DIY 烘培[/color] on the sign).

Here is an easy way to make it. Get some powdered sugar from a DIY baking store. I sometimes find it in bulk at a traditional grocery store but it’s hit and miss at best. A bag from the DIY store is about 1/2 pound. Use the whole bag. The sugar, not the bag. Put it into a bowl and add a good spoonful, about 1/4 cup of shortning. I also add a slab of butter (about 1/2 as much as the shortning). If you don’t have shortning just use the butter - say NO to margarine. Now, if you have it, add canned milk (regular milk will work) into the mix stiring and stiring until it has the texture of mayonaise. I also like to add a splash of vanilla but if you don’t have it, don’t worry. I also like to add some color and the best way is with food coloring mentioned previously. It can be found but you have to go to specialty store, usually. Now, when your cake is cool, just spread it on. If the cake is too warm it will melt the shortning in the frosting and make a mess.
If you have some leftover frosting, have some “Digestive” crackers, available about everywhere - Wellcome for sure - and frost a few of these. Now you have an awesome cake and some frosted cookies to share with me.

I would recommend reserving a quarter of the icing sugar so that if you’ve added too much liquid you still have something left to thicken it with.

I speak from experience. :blush:

Hi guys,

Thank you so much in replying and for the recipe!! But it is not what I’m looking for. It is actually a roll out icing. It’s something like a modeling clay for cakes. It is used for making all kinds of fancy decorations, covering cakes etc. After a while it goes hard, e.g. a wedding cake.

Here you can see what a novelty cake can look like -

Any ideas where I could get this? It is sometimes called pastillage or rolled fondant too.


Oh, yeah, I know that as rolled fondant, which I’ve made, for making candies. I haven’t seen it locally. You could ask the DIY Baking store near the Minquan bridge. If they don’t have it, you can try making your own – just google for recipes. I don’t recall it being difficult.

Yeah, I’ve made it myself too but it’s nothing like the stuff you buy! Or maybe I just can’t make it properly…
Do you know the address of the DIY store??

You can run a search for DIY baking and get one or more threads with the various locations of the stores. Here’s one such thread.