Suggestion: remove the auto redirect when you are signed in

It seems unnecessary that members who sign-in (when replying to a post, for instance) have to click to ‘go back to the previous page’ - shouldn’t that be automatic?

I agree and I do not think you have to click to go back to the discussion. However, the page you see is what we call a “Success Page” - when you successfully post in a thread or a PM, the software delivers a page to say, “OK, it’s done”.

We use it as an [wikipedia]Interstitial webpage[/wikipedia] to include a highly visible ad for our sponsors. Also, some have asked that instead of going right back to the discussion, they have the option to go elsewhere - like to the forum or to the Active Topics page. The pause in the Success Page allows you to make that choice.

You can also choose to wait 10 seconds and be sent automatically to the thread you just posted in