Suggestions for picking up privates...?

I’ve got the afternoon/evening job which pays just fine BUT would like to pick up some extra work to buff up the income. Kindy is not an option - I’m not a clown.

I figure I’d like to pick up some privates though. Common sense tells me that the best way to do so is through word-of-mouth, and since I’ve been here a year that shouldn’t be a problem. However I wanna jump-start the whole process as Christmas and vacations are here and I need the extra dolash pronto.

Your suggestions please, including ideas for useful material (titles, authors, series). I guess it also hinges on what the student’s requirements and need are…


A long, long time ago I taped a sign to my back that said “Do you need a private teacher?”. The I rode up and down the escalator in the department stores. I found a couple and had class in the park. It kept me from starving to death.