Suicide in Xindian District office MRT

Someone jumped onto the tracks …tried fighting my way through masses of people and news reporters and police on my way back to work. RIP, not nice.

Bloody inconsiderate! Are you sure it was a jumper? Not a fall or a push?

Bloody inconsiderate! Are you sure it was a jumper? Not a fall or a push?[/quote]
Have you been pushing again?! Geez dude…

That explains the shuttle busses yesterday along green, then. I had a nice feeling thinking it was possible for the MRT to break down, but that’s actually a pretty sad thing that happened. That’s why they need those walls at every station, not just some of them. Maybe if the walls were there, this person might have been discouraged from jumping onto the track. That, and it stop people from falling in by accident as well…and a full size wall would block that nasty wind.

Sorry I stole the thread.

The trains were being turned back from Taipower, and shuttle all the way down. 10 minutes headway, bit messy but has been worse.

From the news:



At 5:42 pm, a female passenger fell on the tracks at Xindian Office Station. Even though the driver applied emergency brakes, she ended up under the car, condition nt revealed, but according to witnesses not looking good.

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Passenger was a 76 years old woman, Xindian resident, she died. Police presume it was a suicide, as per survelliance video

One of my neighbours were on that MRT. Said they sat inside for 10 minutes before the doors opened.