Summer Activities for Kids (summer camps?)

Hi all, me and family (almost 4 y.o. boy and wife) will spend this summer in Taipei visiting Taiwanese family.

I thought it would be a good idea to enroll my kid in some sort of activities, a few hours in the morning would just be just fine. Main purpose would be to give a bit of a structure to the day, for him to have some fun and most important to have the chance to improve his Mandarin.

Mother is taiwanese but we live abroad and his primary language is not Mandarin at the moment although he seems to understand all of it. I believe that if he is exposed to a full mandarin environment and he’s encouraged to communicate to play with other kids and so on, it will be a great motivation for him to use the language.

Ideally I’d be looking at some sort of activity where kids spend part of the time outdoors. Probably nothing academic like Maths camp or just language camp, but something like play group, sports, telling tales,…

If this is not running every day, it would be also ok I guess.

Maybe summer camps are an idea but would anyone know about something else?

Any experience or recommendation will be much welcome, thx!

Almost four is a bit young for summer camps in my experience.

The reason being that a lot of private kindergartens are year round here so a lot of kids that age just carry on going to school. Some kids that dont stay in school go to grandparents.

Inline skating maybe? Dance? Soccer?

Thx for the suggestions. Soccer may be a good idea indeed, do you know any place where they organize this?

I know in Daan Park there’s some soccer groups but noticed they’re run in English.