Summer Camps in Mandarin

Hi all, sending this from Hong Kong. Am planning to come to Taipei this summer and looking for good recommendations for Summer Camps for mandarin immersion for my 6 yr old & 1.5 yr old daughters. We tried Lih Jen international school last year and it was good but all the kids spoke English which defeats the whole purpose… My Chinese is not great but if there are Chinese websites please send I will ask someone to help me translate. Thanks in Advance!

Looks interesting and fun and in Mandarin! Will look into thank you!

Any idea how I can enroll my daughter to summer camp classes offered from local schools for their students? Thanks!

[quote=“yummmee”]Looks interesting and fun and in Mandarin! Will look into thank you!

Any idea how I can enroll my daughter to summer camp classes offered from local schools for their students? Thanks![/quote]

You’d need to find a local school and approach them. You may find they won’t take your child because part of the programme will be completing summer homework, which your child won’t be able to do. Also, I think your child would need to be registered with the school, but I could be wrong.

You could try asking parents on the forum what local, private daycare/preschools parents are using in the area you will be staying, and then approaching the local daycare about enroling your children for the summer months. Some schools have pretty good websites and you can contact them through a contact form. I’d just write to them in English and see if they answer you. If you are putting your kids in school you will want to be able to communicate with the teachers/staff, so getting an answer in English should be a bit of an indication someone is willing to communicate.

Thanks for your suggestions! Good points re: homework, i may not be able to help but maybe I can hire a tutor to help? thx anyways!

Is there any other summer camp, sports or art camps on in the summer that I can register my 6 yr daughter in? I’m looking for anything conducted in mandarin only & if possible around luizhangli station. Thx

Will she be 6 when attending? The Chinese Culture University has Mandarin summer camps for ages 7 - 9 and older. They’re pretty good:

My kids from the United states will be going to Mrs Lam’s Montessori if that helps (eldest is 6)

I’m also looking for summer daycamp in Mandarin with local Taiwanese kids so that my 10 yr-old daughter won’t speak English all day with other overseas Chinese kids. Here are the local camps that I’ve found mostly in Taipei. Taiwanese-American friends and acquaintances referred these camps to me, but I don’t know how good these camps are. These websites are mostly in Chinese. Some camp sessions are already full.

If anyone else has any further resources, please post since I’m still looking at this late date. We’re coming from the U.S. to stay in Taipei for 6-7 weeks so that my daughter can immerse herself in Mandarin and Chinese/Taiwanese culture. She speaks fluent Mandarin but has begun to speak mostly English to me.

Both overnight and daycamps. Many of the daycamps are already full.

At the National Taiwan Science Education Center in Shilin district, Taipei. The classes start at K and go up to grade 8. Please note that the format for the date shows the year in the Republican year format, AKA year 102 for 2013.

Daycamps located at various districts in Taipei and other cities:

Many overnight summer camps from China Times Study Services. Age starting at 1st graders. … scamp.html

Thanks for any further leads.

This is question for the OP - yummmee

I’ve already enrolled my 3 year old son for the Lih Jen International School Summer Mandarin Camp, and after reading your post I’m wondering whether I’ve made a mistake. Were all the kids speaking English? What about the teachers? I really hope they were using Mandarin to teach Mandarin, and not practicing their English. If they’re using English then (in my mind) it wouldn’t be worth it. I totally overlooked this issue, and I could kick myself, because I’ve studied Mandarin in Taiwan before, and I ended up leaving Shi Da, and going to Chinese Culture University, as the there were a lot of other native English speakers at Shi Da. Even the Mandarin teachers would use English to chat with us and explain things, and that’s not what I wanted. I was a lot happier at Chinese Culture University (this was about 7 years ago).

Thalia, sounds like we have some overlap… based on my experience, I’d say your older kid will probably be fine there, but they don’t do very well with the baby classes. I had to pull my 2YO out of there after a semester because they essentially refused to teach him Mandarin, and really they only actually teach the baby classes (Montessori work, etc.) for 2 hours a day before lunch. The rest of the time is all napping & snacks, then you have to get them out of there by 4:30PM. For much less educational & childcare service than the competition, they charge a significant premium… and (at least at the campus up by ZhongXiao/XinSheng) a pretty formidable attitude to go along with it. Don’t know about other campuses - I’d recommend having some highly specific detailed conversations with Vivian (the school administrator) about your expectations - she is great, a real professional.

Best of luck.

To the OP- I also found summer camp leads by googling the location of the city district and summer camp e.g. 台北大安區夏令營 for Da’an District, Taipei.