Summer Fun

Does the lack of response to my question about summer fun mean there is no fun here ?

No, but we have always fun - even when it’s winter.

if you are american or australian or whatever, I suggest you use

Then again, I don’t know what you think of
as “summer fun”… But the summer here gets
pretty hot and most people stay inside their cars
and homes. It’s pretty boring. I suggest you go
hiking in the mountains or ride your bike along
the east coast… Swimming in the sea is
my personal favorite…

These are two posts from Pablo’s first thread of Summer Fun. Just as a reminder you guys don’t need to create two threads to talk about the same subject. Just because there is no reply doesn’t mean that no one is interested. If I find threads with only one post over a long enough period I will bump them up to the top. Thanks for your understanding.


Topic: Summer Fun
Just Got Here
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. 03-15-2002 16:21

Where can I find out(well in advance) about what fun is happening this summer. I understand there are all sorts of raves, rock concerts , parties that happen during summer. What were they like last year and are they going to happen this year?

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Just Got Here
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. 03-16-2002 03:07

Spring Scream is coming up, I han’t been to it, though.

mous in the house/Hot For Chocolate rock city

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