Summer Hols

I just got back from Ken Ting, where I enjoyed the beach, beer, cigars, and my bikini-clad cheerleader for four days. We rented a scooter so we were able to get out and explore, hike, and jet ski. We broke up the trip with a day in Taichung on the way down, and a day in Tainan on the way back.

I’m stuck in classes and with my business activities until mid-September, but then I’ll be headed for Sydney, Australia for the first time for five days, followed by a trip to my beautiful, arrogant homeland. We’ll start on the beach in San Diego, see my family in Phoenix, hike through Zion’s in Utah, then finish in the mountains in central Idaho. The U.S. leg of the trip will last about three weeks.

I plan to eat Mexican food, drink an imported beer, and smoke five Newport Light cigarettes every day when I’m home. I have little idea of what to expect of Australia. I’m going there for business.

Sydney’s a very cool place. Be careful of your waistline – the food is outstanding!

I need help! Just looking at the Edinburgh “What’s On” guide for August. I have a choice between the Festival, the Fringe, The International Film Festival, The International Book Fair, the International Jazz & BLues Festival … what to do? What to do?

I hope the travel fucks up your booking and mistakenly books you on China Airlines.

:laughing: Sorry. Touching a nerve am I? :laughing:

[quote=“someone going on holiday while the rest of us have to stay here”]I have a choice between the Festival, the Fringe, The International Film Festival, The International Book Fair, the International Jazz & BLues Festival [/quote]You forgot the choice of having a punch in the head if you don’t shut up :imp:

Ahhh, I’m sorry guys. Think of it this way though – imagine how depressed I’ll be when its all over and I’m back at my desk… with a giant hole in my credit card. :shock:

Better cancel the trip, Sandman – otherwise the stress of trying to fit everything into your schedule might negate the whole purpose of taking a holiday and could even trigger a mental breakdown.

Anyway, you’ll be pining so much for Taipei that you won’t be able to fully appreciate any of those things in the first place – so you might as well save your money, stay here, and spend a few evenings in The Tavern making small talk with Michel instead.

Sandman, you forgot one!…owCat&CatId=235

[b]Great British Beer Festival, 5th-9th August 2003

The Great British Beer Festival is the biggest and best real beer festival in the world.
Where else can you find over 450 British real ales, as well as real cider, perry and a huge selection of imported beers? As well as a huge range of British and international beer, there is a wide selection of food available throughout the festival. There is a great festival atmosphere with plenty to entertain you ranging from pub quizes, traditional pub games including skittles, roving entertainers, live music, tombolas and auctions.
There is also a Family Room but please remember that youngsters under 18 must be supervised by a family member. If you want to find out more about beer you should attend one of our tutored tastings hosted by beer experts which run throughout the festival and cover a number of different beer style.
Held at London Olympia every year, the Great British Beer Festival is an umissable event.[/b]

Granted this one’s not as cultured and refined as the others, but DAMN!

Woops :blush: Just noticed you’ll be in other parts of Britain. Ah well, perhaps a quick trip to London could be arranged… :slight_smile:

Damn indeed, Zen. I just wish I could make that festival, but I really don’t think I’ll be spoiled for choice – there are several microbrews within a 10-mile radius of my parents’ place, and that’s away in the back of beyond. As for Edinburgh, there’s no way on earth I’ll be able to do much more than scratch the surface of what’s on offer there. I’ve been on a diet for the last two weeks in anticipation!
In fact, I’ll drive through Freuchie (site of Scotland’s best pub according to CAMRA on the way from the airport to my folk’s place. Hmmm… it’ll be just about kunchtime by then …

I’m joining the QE2 in August on the World Tour thing. I’ll be in the Royal Stateroom with…

I checked. Your travel agent did indeed screw up your booking. You’ll be flying via Anchorage on China Airlines Flight 805.


Looking forward to reading your notes on the best sips (gulps) of Scotland on the beer thread.

Oh, BTW, there are some fine brews to be had in Anchorage, should you get thirsty on your layover :wink: