Summer Opportunities?

I am an undergrad student in my last couple of semesters and will soon have the needed bachelor’s degree to get to teaching in Taiwan. I have lived there previously and want to return real bad.

I will be pursuing graduate studies and I don’t want to ask people if they want fries with that during the summer. Plus when I finish my master’s I will probably teach stateside in public school, so something to do for summer is a plus.

Are there any schools, buxibans or camps that hire for 2-4 months during the summer?

What has your all’s experience been in this area?

Summer is almost over - only 3 weeks to go and then kids are back at school.

Or do you mean next year? I’m pretty sure that in order to get the necessary visa you need to commit for a year. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you quitting after 2-4 months but you may not get all the pay you are owed (deposits and withholding pay are common even though there’re illegal).

Oh yeah, next year for sure. way too late for this year.

Somebody else from my school got into some kind of summer employment, but I heard about it a day before he left and didn’t get a chance to ask him about it before he took off.