Summer short term rental Kaohsiung and Taipei

Hi everyone,

Another post requesting help finding short term rental in Taipei or Kaohsiung, preferably Tapei at this point, over the summer, any period in July or August. If anyone wants to or needs to sublet their apartment or if anyone has any ideas, I’m trying to negotiate with some airbnb hosts but they are a bit intractable although I’m not sure what kind of tourists they are getting these days. There doesn’t seem to be anything on 591.

Thanks for reading…

Do you have any preferences regarding size? Are we talking shoebox one person studio or 6-bedroom apartment?

Click here for short term rentals.

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Hey, well I think I would prefer a one or two bedroom, someplace with a little more space considering the usual size of studios in Taipei…but not 6 bedroom no. I’m negotiable…thanks, any ideas?

Yes, I did, but most want at least three month commitments and don’t reply to my requests. But I’ll keep trying, thanks for this…

This one is in Kaohsiung, near the Art Museum. We stayed there for 6 weeks, super convenient. I have no idea what it cost though as my sister in law set it up and paid for it. It was 3 bed 2 bath. If you want I’ll ask for the contact info and DM you.

A friend of a friend looking for long term rental told me 591 is pretty dry. My guess is the covid outbreak might have a lot of landlords uninterested in renting out because they want to limit their exposure, and also because they might need that space for family members to quarantine. If my guess is correct, then as daily cases drop more places should come available

Beautiful place, yes please DM the contact info maybe it is available if not somewhat affordable…thanks for reaching out I appreciate it.

Dry is an understatement, but wow yeah very interesting explanations!

Sorry it took me so long to get a hold of them, but they have it currently rented for the next two months and then booked for a year rental after that.

Hey man, really thanks for looking in to this, I really appreciate it