Summer weather in taipei

Hello everyone,

I’m new. I have studied Chinese before on the mainland, and in college in the US, but recently applied for–and obtained–a Huayu scholarship. Originally, I was thinking of going to Taipei (ShiDa Mandarin Training Center) this summer. But I have heard that summer is actually the worst time to go to Taipei, since the weather is really hot and humid. For this reason, and some others, I was thinking of going in December or March instead. The scholarship allows me to study in Taiwan for three months at any time from this June to next June, so the switch wouldn’t be a problem.

My question is, is the weather really that bad in the summer? How big is the chance that I won’t be able to find a comfortably air conditioned apartment? Do you think I should take the weather into account when deciding on when I go?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Yea, summer is really hot and humid. Daytime (if sunny) humidity will be around 50% with a temperature of 37 degrees or more. If a typhoon or other rain comes it will cool down to around 28-30 degrees but with much higher (90%+) humidity levels.

Apartments, particularly serviced apartments will have air conditioning, those without air conditioning will be cheaper, which might be worth it if you want to live there long term as you can buy used air conditioner. Window units will be easier to install/move than split units but split units have the advantage of better insulation and isolation. Split units can cost a LOT to install though.

You will need air conditioning from May (or earlier, depending on El Nino or La nina) to around October. After that you can get by with a fan but around December it will get cold, and in January it will be very cold (around 10 degrees or less with high humidity). A heater will help but a dehumidifier will help more.

[quote=“rhizome”]Hello everyone,
How big is the chance that I won’t be able to find a comfortably air conditioned apartment? Do you think I should take the weather into account when deciding on when I go? [/quote]

  1. You will certainly find a comfy room - apartment- within your budget. Look at the adds here or there in-time.
  2. As stated by TW Luthiers, both periods have up and down sides. I’d still recommend the warm (not scorching hot)summer vs. the cold /humid grey winter. besides, 37 C is not a 60 day average - this is not ThaiLand. It is however always warmer and more humid in the Taipei basin seen its position and protection from surrounding hills. You would more enjoy your time here anyway when you got the chance to visit plenty of cooler places , stroll in airco-shopping malls etc…
    Have a great one when you come over.

summer is the only time taipei is nice . The other times its almost always raining and cloudy.

Summer you will be competing with a lot other students that come for short term courses for accommodation. the good thing is that they will be on the same page regarding making good use of the 3 months … or not. Some come for the party.

An air conditioned semi decent studio/room will be around 15K nts or 500 usd more or less. be expected to have to pay for AC in summer, it is not a choice, it is vital to your studies to sleep well, meaning semi fresh. Power hikes are imminent expect to pay also overcharge for such use.

Best time is either September-October (fall) weather wise. march would be end of winter, beginning of Spring hopefully much better. December would be dead of winter, dire and grey.

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your responses, I will probably come this summer! Thank you for the tips on housing too–I will look at the ads on this site.

June is the hottest month, with the least change in daytime and nightime temps. By August it is actually quite a nice temp once the sun goes down and you see people out along the riversides, strolling and biking more.