Sun Moon Lake 88.8% full today a day before Fathers Day

Some good news on Western Fathers day, Happy Fathers day to all Fathers.



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Here is another site, and surprise, surprise, some have different details -

Though they seem to agree on Sun Moon Lake.

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Interesting. For me it was in May.

Yes, different dates in many countries, though the 3rd Sunday in June is the most common. Taiwan for instance is August 8 - which, given the water level at present, would seem to make it a very special day if the level was still 88.8% then.

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As per local customs, local rains and.local.lakes…august 8th. The post sounds a bit cult like haha. All hail the 888888888 whatever. Except its 6/20. But somewhere its fathers day, translate into random language that sounds like 8 and 8/8. Hurah for fathers. We should have a parade :slight_smile:

I think the news fails to realize our water and food security issues, nevermind energy, wars and economic realities…why report on this if all those are about to end taiwan?

Almost full now or maybe what they may call full. Not sure 100% is good too, need leave some room for flood control.

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I like the local frog statue measurement. During the worst part of the drought, all 7 frogs were visible. Then it made it to the 5th. Now it is up to the top frog’s eyeballs.


A quick question. Is a very few water reservoirs being full late in the year, all of a sudden, something to celebrate while at the same time we dont have near enough water reservoirs for the current population? Or the current demand with increasing waste load on the system?

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88.8% is a great hotel occupancy rate especially during covid :clown_face:

Just curious, why is A-Kung-Tien Reservoir only at 6.23% full? At that, it’s better than a few days ago, when it was at 5%. Was it under maintenance when the rains hit?

Its very small compared to 南化水庫 which more than 90X times bigger, so my guess less a priority as a storage lake since its so small.

It’s a dam to prevent flood and not used to provide water. It is already filled up a lot by sediment, so it is always tried to be empty.


I do not think its much more than a dry rainy season last year. I think its more due to global weather changes.

The 2 points you mention are one in the same…no?

This has been a slow progession over the last couple decades (at least). Not just that, taiwan now is trying to expand even further into massive factories which are water hogs. I support this, but only if …logical long term… infrastructure is taken more seriously. For this to work, water security should be of paramount concern. i feel now with global companies opening up in taiwan even more, the government is starting to get that “oh shit” knee jerk reaction. Its good to wake up, but taiwan has a poor history of knee jerks that were not .long term sollutions. Which is what we see now with water and food security as well a energy stability. It all somehow seems like anither taiwan miracle situation, V2.0. And it seems many similar shitt sighted issues are being repeated. Ie. Environment and peoples health and qualities of life.