Sun Moon Lake Swim

I was wondering if any knew anything about the Sun Moon lake swim? I wanted to go for the last 2 years but I never got my life sorted out in time. I hear that you need to go as a part of an organised group, does anyone know how i could get into one? The price etc


That sounds like super fun.

Can we organize a Forumosa Team? Does that count? I’d go.

I was reading on a website today that you need at least 10 people to make up a team. I don’t mind sorting it out if people are interested (I won’t be in Taiwan for the month of July though)

I was thinking if we got a few people we could hire a minibus to go down early on the day, we could even camp out the night after the swim and have a bit of a party before coming back.

I’d love to do that. I am a crap swimmer in that I go really slow and kind of make up my own stroke. Flat refused to do swimming lessons as a child, but I can swim 2 km in a pool. How good a swimmer do you need to be to do something like that? No waves, I guess.

How good a swimmer do you have to be? You will be swimming with thousands of Taiwanese, how bad do you want to make them feel?

Mind you there was a mass drowning one year, but before that the Sun Moon Swim was very popular. Don’t forget those drowned souls need to claw in a corpse in order to get out of the water and on the way to heaven.

Got a hat! :laughing:


I think the main worry is not getting crushed in the stampede or kicked by the people next to you.

I’ve swam at the lake before and it is a great place to swim. The water is so calm and it’s a really nice temperature (I went at 5.30am in late October and it was still warm)

I saw a chinese site with the details on today - I’ll find it again tomorrow and post a link with some semblance of translation here. Then if anyone is interested they can put their names down and we’ll take it from there.

Ew, it looks pretty grim on the picture…

Why the flying crap are people wearing swimming hats in a lake?

Taiwanese fashion statement?

There’s lots of colour.

And blokes in handsome hats!


While swimming in Sun Moon Lake is usually not permitted, there is an annual 3-km race called the Swimming Carnival of Sun Moon Lake held around the Mid-Autumn Festival each year, and in recent years the participants have numbered in the tens of thousands. Other festivies held at the same time include fireworks, laser shows, and concerts.

In 2007 the festival will be held in OCTOBER (can’t find the exact date)

The swim takes place on Sunday September 23rd at Sun Moon Lake.

Registration is between 10th July - 10th August.

We’re going to enter a team so if anyone wants to join, PM me and later I’ll get confirmation from you. So far, we have about 8 people interested.

Depending on numbers, we’ll see about getting a minibus down early sunday morning or saturday. I’d prefer to take a day off work and come back on the monday but we’ll see about that later.

The total distance is 3000m by the way. At the minute, we are training in an outdoor pool in Xindian. If people want to come down and train together we could make a regular time for it later.

If this is a team thing, is it competitive?

I’m interested in going.

Which pool do you go to in Xindian? How much is it?
I went swimming at the outdoor pool in Wanfang Community on Thursday, but it was so shallow that my fingers kept hitting the bottom of the pool. Only $60NT though.

We swim at the pool on Jian Guo Road in XinDian. It’s 60nt for students. 90nt regular. 50 metres long, and about 1.4m deep in the swimming lanes.

I don’t think it’s really a competition, it’s just about completing the event.

That weekend is a holiday too so we don’t need to be in a rush to get back to Taipei :slight_smile:

We are going to meet up at JB’s on Sunday 1st of July at 7pm (that means plenty of time for happy hour ) That way we can sort out time, dates, numbers of people, transport and everything else.

If anyone else wishes to come along or even just hear about the plans then feel free to come along.
You can PM me first, so we know to look out for you.

JB’s is on 148, Shi-Da Road; (02) 2364-8222